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Random purchases
Sakura Pen Pigma 0.5    = P54.00
UniPin Fine line 0.8       = P65.50
*pigmented ink
Pilot FriXion                  = P79.75
*erasable ink

I really can't run away from construction materials because I'm married to a civil engineer; though he's not into construction. He takes care of landslides, faults, water seepage, how to flatten a mountain, etc.
Because he's in the office, I oversee some repairs and additional works for our house. Just to keep a price list that I could refer to every time as well as to those who might need it.

G.I. corrugated sheet 24x12                 = P350/sheet
Plywood 1/4 (not Marine I guess)        = P357/ply
Umbrella nail                                        = P50/kilo
Nail #1                                                  = P70/kilo
Nail #2                                                  = P60/kilo
Vulcaseal 1liter                                     =P385
Wood 2x2x12                                       =P160/stick
Seaved Sand                                         =P25/bag    *bag is approximately 25 kilos
Cement                                                 =P225/bag  *bag is approximately 35 kilos
Sahara                                                  =P30/bag
(prevents water absorption to concrete)

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