Repeating Episodes of PPD

I have been fighting the negativity of depression again. It is real and it is wasting hours of my day. I cried for about 20 minutes this morning and then made a resolve to be more positive, and braver. Hours passed, and now I'm calmer but slowly going back to low energy again. The cycle goes on.

Poor children seeing their mother like this. But someday, I'll be my whole self again. And we will laugh and play.


Update on Doll Making

I have ventured into needle felting as well. Being a doll maker requires me to learn about other needle works. It's more than sewing. I thought it was easy.

I am now even embracing crocheting as an essential part to finish a cloth doll. I really dread doing it before. But through my doll making I've come to see how enjoyable it is.

I feel like I'm getting a Master's Degree in Needle Works if there is any :D

But you know Motherhood has taught me that finishing a doll, or a beanie, or a headband, and whatever temporal pursuit I have in mind can wait. They should not get in the way of mothering, or else my life will lose its balance. First things first. Children and husband comes first. I want to be happy everyday and that is how things should be.

++It's 6th day of Martial Law in Mindanao so hubby gets home an hour earlier than usual till the law is lifted.


When Children Learn to Climb and Find Everything, Everywhere

This happens when you want to make sure you buy everything on the list. You solve your puzzle in the grocery.

This happens when you carefully write your journal entries in cursive with waterproof ink. You get a curious puzzle and realize the corrections you have to make on your entries.

This happens when you buy an expensive japanese liquid eyeliner;
 it becomes the best ink on the wall.