The Birthday Cupcake

I don't know why I often resort to drawing [food] when dear friends have their birthdays. So let me compile everything here.

I drew this birthday cupcake for my two dearest friends in college, Aissa and Sariah. It's a coincidence that they have the same birthday. We called ourselves "Powerpuff Girls" then. They knew almost every bit of me and we enjoyed each other's presence.

The last birthday candle that I blew in Iloilo City (2010) was on top of a cupcake given by Aissa. I wished that time to finally have a boyfriend. Amazingly, 9 days after I became friends with my husband, who just came home from his full-time missionary service.
birthday cupcake image
"The Birthday Cupcake"

For Reference

Finding True Love

Love is chaste, love is pure.
Amidst uncertainty, can endure.
Clearest the path of choking thorns.
Givest warmth to one that mourns.

Arms to cradle her babe to bed.
The hands which knead the morning bread.
Love is chaste, love is pure.
The night is gone, it will endure.

The eyes which meet the break of dawn.
Good words to flow --on and on.
Ne'er seeking gold in every chore.
Asketh none for every pour.

Love is chaste, love is pure.
It does not come to those that lure.
Givest itself to one whose soul,
Willing to lay his all, his all.

The Conditioned: A Facebook Story

"Material Hygiene. Mental Hygiene. Here, I don't know which is harder to practice." -The Conditioned

I-post by Facebook Stories.

Valentine's Day 2014 with a Cloth Doll

What better way is it to celebrate Valentine's Day than to make the people you love happy? Even before hitting the middle week of December 2013, I and Mr. Lucas, had already made our 2014 goals. Making a Gingermelon doll on or before Valentine's Day is one of those. It's the start for the big plan I'm cooking.

My husband tirelessly reminded me of the deadline since last week. Haha. He was worried I might not be able to keep my promise. So I started printing out the pattern last week. But I'm a sleepy head so I would sleep in the mornings...The pattern, remained 'just' a pattern until Monday.

When I officially hit sewing, I realized I wasn't really good at embroidery. Aww~~ It took me a day to finish the pupils of the doll. The irises, a day after that. 

I don't have a sewing machine, so everything had to be done by hand + my playtime with Geo + chores + appointments + deadlines. There was no way I could finish by Valentine's Day! But a magical thing happened...Everything suddenly seemed easy after I saw Mr. Lucas's smile after seeing the hairless doll. I felt inspired to finish it. I couldn't believe he would be charmed by that little cloth doll Laura /lo-ra/.

Getting her hair and dress done seemed pretty fast this morning; I got her ready by lunch. I didn't have good fabric, so I drew some small leaves and berried on a muslin using Sharpie. 

Laura is about a ruler tall.. She is my daughter's third doll.