NSO-Certified Marriage Contract

I went to NSO today (National Statistics Office) to get a certified copy of my marriage certificate. I needed that to change my status in SSS (Social Security System).

SSS did not honor the original copy of my marriage contract because it did not have validation from the registrar's office which is in Quezon City. I was adviced to have it certified by the registrar or get a copy from NSO.

Q.C. is too far, takes around 45 minutes from home. Since I live in Malabon, I decided to go to NSO-Caloocan instead located at the back of Caloocan City Hall.

I arrived at around 2.35 pm. These are the steps I took to get my marriage certificate:

1. I filled out the pink application form with infomation like:

-our fullnames 
-TIN or tax identification number (optional)
-date and place of marriage
-contact number.

Those were the basic ones.

2. I had my pink form reviewed by the checker in "STEP 3" window and was given a small sheet of paper containing the amount I had to pay for Caloocan's tax perhaps.

It was just P25. I was surprised because the waiting line was not that long and the cashier was really friendly.

3.Paid to the cashier at Caloocan's City Hall which was just next to NSO.

4.Went back to NSO to "STEP 4" window to pay the amount for the marriage contract. It was P140.

Almost all of the requests were charged the same amount.

5.I waited for the certificate to be released by the releasing window. On my receipt, it said the release time was 3.47pm but to my surprise, I was able to get it around 3.20pm.

The personnel at Caloocan's NSO were very fast and organized that it just took me less than an hour to get my marriage certificate.

It works the same way with Birth and Death Certificates I think.

But as for CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage, I waited for 2 business days before the release.
I had a very productive time : )

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