PREGNANCY: Toothache

I'm writing this because I suffered from toothache for almost 2 weeks, just every night, but now I'm FREE!
I know technology in the Philippines is not that advanced and so you encounter obstetricians who do not recommend you to have your aching tooth/teeth treated by a dentist. It's so strange because when you read forums from other countries, pregnant women can have temporary fillings and even extractions.
toothache at night pregnancy philippines
OB's here do not recommend any serious dental treatment to make sure the baby's safe. And no doubt, they just want the best. After all, in the Philippines lead aprons are not common (used to safely conduct x-ray to protect the baby from radiation).
But still I asked my OB on what to do with my aching teeth. These 2 teeth should have been treated via root canal but I got pregnant with my first and I couldn't do it for almost 2 years after giving birth because I'm exclusively breastfeeding (until now). I'm 6 months pregnant by the way. Could also be the biggest reason why I lack Calcium much.
She refused on having my teeth treated or extracted and said I should wait until I give birth. Instead, I was given a prescription for paracetamol.
I know it's safe to use paracetamol but researches relating it to infant illnesses are still going on. Taking it for an extended period of time is a risk I couldn't take.
For days, I had almost sleepless nights and would endure the pain but would succumb to a tablet of paracetamol. In some forums, some moms suggest to use TOOTHACHE DROPS, which is mainly composed of Eugenol. I thought it was the answer. But then it had negative effect; it damages nerves inside your teeth. At the same time, Eugenol is not good for pregnancy.

I thought of Sensodyne. But when I and my husband went to the grocery, I saw Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief and compared its ingredients with that of Sensodyne. It had Calcium so we went for it. That night I slept peacefully without taking paracetamol.
Toothache and Pregnancy
You know the pain is there, but the toothpaste's formula was excellent at blocking the nerves from feeling anything. So I give this a 5-star as a temporary relief until baby comes out. It says, you can only use it twice a day, and so I use Colgate Plax for lunch. I think they are a good combination.
Days before, we bought Colgate plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer but it didn't help. 
You can see in the picture that small bottle. It's Toothache Drops/Eugenol. I just bought it for future use. But definitely not for me.
When I see my OB again, I will ask her for Calcium supplement and tell her that Sensitive Pro-Relief works. priced at P115.00


  1. Nice post'Thank you for sharing some good things.
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  2. Happy to hear that your toothache saga is over! I had some dalliance with toothache too when I was pregnant with my little Sab. My OB recommended to eat calcium-rich veggies like broccoli and other healthy food for pregnant women.


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