DIY/Review Spray Adhesive with Glitter Shoes

I love CRIB COUTURE. It's a local brand of baby apparel. I buy my daughter Geo's socks there. They offer unique designs which are not available all year round so definitely it's pure destiny if you see a baby wearing the same as your child's.

DIY Glitter Shoes

Crib couture doesn't just have unique apparel designs, their products aren't pricey either and available in most SM malls. Below is a pair of shoes which I bought at only P149.00.

You see, it's in silver and glittery. I thought maybe it would suit any dress. I failed to check if the glitters would fall off. When I got home I immediately checked it and found no falling off. When my husband arrived, I showed them to him, he liked it. Then I noticed some silver glitters on his black slacks. I was wrong they were not sealed.

I was brought up being told that glitters would cause someone to go blind if they reached the iris. Of course, I didn't want my daughter to be harmed in any way, especially for the sake of fancy. 

Elmer's Spray Adhesive Manila

So I thought of buying spray adhesive to keep those glitters intact. It costs P308.00 by Elmer's at National Bookstore. There are other brands like 3M which are more expensive. I bought Elmer's since I'm not going to use it a lot, and for the cause of cheap experimentation .

I sprayed about 3-4 layers until I was sure that no glitter would fall off. I waited about an hour in-between each spray. 

The adhesive was quite thick that the glitters looked dull a bit. I had to dry them indoors since it was raining these past days. Maybe the result would have been different if they were sun-dried.

But after 2 days, it dried up completely, evident by the non-stick feeling when you touch the shoes. The glitters looked finer than before, more beautiful.

Baby shoes Philippines

Overall, I think this spray adhesive would come in handy in the future. It can be used to wood, fabric, photos, felt, rubber, foams, canvas, metal, foil, glass, plastics and more! Plus, I'm now assured that my daughter could wear  her shoes safely.

Hope to use this with my craft.

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