Taho in the morning

This month, I and Mr. Lucas are going to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Looking back, we were really different individuals to who we are right now.

We always like to tease each other before he leaves our home for work. Whenever our daughter is awake, she would look puzzled at how we say goodbye. We laugh a lot... I would pinch his nose.

This morning a taho vendor passed by and I asked Mr. Lucas to buy me a serving. It wasn't because I was hungry, just that I wanted him to get something for me.

Taho is made of silken tofu, sago pearls, and melted brown sugar. It sells for 5 to 15 pesos depending on the serving size. 

It felt like we were on a date :-) We go on a date about 2 or 3 times a month, usually when we have some shopping to do (groceries, supplies, etc.).

I feel happy because we are still able to do these things considering our 10-month-old baby. I hope we would still able to even when another little one adds up.

That taho was "um-mee" and was even more special because I knew he was in a hurry (he would still travel for about 2 hours),  but he didn't hesitate. He was cheerful.

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