Doodles and Doodles

When I was in college, I used to doodle at the back of my answer booklet during exams. We called it "bluebook". I knew I would remember the things I studied the night before if I doodled. And so I doodled and doodled.

After the examinations week, we got our bluebooks and one of my professors wrote the longest letter I ever had from a teacher. She did not like what I did, and told me I was not worthy to be in the university. (It was the national university, and my tuition fee was subsidized greatly by the government)

Her letter did not bother me at all. I knew doodling was my way to focus and calm my anxious mind.  That bluebook was for 'keeps'.

And just this year, I learned that many people are actually doodling to recover from painful experiences; to calm the troubled mind. For some, they call it Zendoodle. I am not just sure if they use specific strokes, shapes, and patterns, to call one doodle as Zendoodle.

The image above is my first doodle patterned after some zen samplers that are available in YouTube. My strokes are not that fine compared to others, but I don't mind. You do not need to be good at drawing in doodling. Just doodle whatever comes to your mind, and be surprised with the result!

I think my doodle looks more like Nemo the fish.

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