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 Bailey Wrap

Many mums here in the Philippines think that having a baby is the end of their shopping activities, meet-ups , and all other things that they used to enjoy before giving birth.

Some would resort to leave their small ones to their mothers and even to nannies thinking that it is the only way to have their young taken care of and at the same time do their activities without worrying. Well, this is just my opinion as what I have observed from others.

When I was about 6 years old (18 years ago), my mother gave birth to my 2nd sister. She bought a baby carrier and people from my hometown were very surprised to see someone wearing her baby. They reacted that way could be because we lived in a remote area.

My mother taught me at an early age that a mother could be almost anywhere she wants to be, as long as she has a safe carrier to wear her baby.

Before I gave birth to my daughter, I made it sure to have a baby carrier (bag type). I thought it was enough. When she arrived days after, I found baby wraps all over the internet and I felt that I made the biggest mistake of my life. I bought a carrier instead of a wrap.

Baby wraps are now becoming more and more popular among modern mums. They are very comfortable for the baby even when still days old. They could be worn even if the baby already learns how to crawl.

I checked where I could purchase such interesting innovation. Moby Wrap is the best manufacturer of baby wraps but they are located in the U.S. so purchasing one would mean I would spend a lot.

This is an instructional video of Moby Wrap:

Upon searching, I came across with Bailey Wrap: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Baileywrapcarrier
They are the Filipino version of Moby's.

My baby is now 5 months old and we are still using Bailey Wrap. It works almost the same way with Moby's except the type of material used.

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