Feeding My Baby at 6 Months

My daughter is now more than a week and 6 months old and just as what the pediatrician told me, I could now feed her. Some mothers start to feed their children at 4 months or 5, and I was also tempted to do so.
The doctor said I should wait for the time when my baby will then have interest in food; the time when she will have more resistance to allergic reactions. And yes, I waited. 
She is very observant. Weeks before she turned 6 months, she was already mimicking my mouth movements when eating. She loved doing it. On the day appointed that she was ready to eat, I was so excited and made some brown rice porridge with a part of mashed banana. We placed her on a high chair, she was delighted to sit there, and started to feed her.
solid food for baby philippines
I was so surprised that she did not like the taste. Probably because it was a little bit sour. I don't know. I tried 3 times and she refused. She closed her mouth and moved her face away. I couldn't believe that she didn't like it. But I decided to try it the next day.
And again I was excited to give her food, and by this time I didn't add mashed banana. And poof! She liked the taste, though she was hesitant at first. I was anxious that I used the other spoon (I bought two spoons for her) in case she would associate the taste with the spoon used yesterday. Babies got good memory so be careful (wink).
I was successful for the next 5 days of course exhausted a lot of creativity. I figured out that she felt held in her high chair while eating so I fed her while she played. It took me 50 minutes on average for 1-1/2 tablespoon.
This week I'm feeding her with porridge with a part of mashed carrot. She's more particular with the texture so I should work on it.

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