Selling unused baby items

Months before my daughter was born, my mother-in-law accompanied me to buy some stuff for her:
  • feeding bottles for newborn, and for months after
  • powder milk container
  • organizer for feeding bottles
  • extra feeding bottle teat
    Weeks before my due date, I and my husband bought:
  • aluminum sterilizer
  • pacifier

  • My daughter is turning 6 months now and we have never used those. When I gave birth, the hospital had me breastfed my baby. They encouraged me to nurse her that way so that she does not get sick, plus it was the hospital’s policy. I am actually glad they did it.

    So what should I do with the items we bought? I came up with an idea to sell it to a friend who’s adopting a baby. Of course, she will not be able to nurse the child so she would really need the items I have.

    Why not to sell it to expecting moms? I am not encouraging mothers to feed their baby with formula milk. I have tried breastfeeding and I have learned for myself that it is the best for babies. My baby is very healthy and we've never rushed her to a clinic/hospital for any illness.

    I feel sad whenever I see a working mom leaving her baby with a formula milk. Breastfeeding is still possible even when away.

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