Haiyan/Yolanda: I want to make my stand

Since Haiyan (CAT5 typhoon) hit our country, I have been monitoring the news and felt terribly bad about the plight of my countrymen, especially in Leyte. Both my mother and father trace their roots back there. I have cousins and relatives there; they were not spared. My first cousins which are living in the southern part of Leyte were not that badly hit compared to my relatives in Ormoc.

I saw photos and video clips of the devastation, and my heart feels for them. I felt like wanting to fly there and help with the relief operations. But of course, I can't; I have to do the best I can with my circumstances.

I use Facebook more than ever. I read articles, a lot of them; but made sure they were from credible sources: Daily Inquirer, ABS, GMA, CNN, Government websites, and personal Facebook accounts of government officials.

There were also posts coming from survivors, and I verified they were real people by checking for photos posted months ago as well as number of friends.

I weigh each controversy I stumble upon and compare it with other sources.

Hoax stories were posted via social networking sites. Some were just assumptions by readers; jumping conclusions at one photograph when they don't even know what was it for. Some are perpetuated by websites wanting to gain huge readership.

The anger and sadness of the people are used by evil minds.

I know the government is doing their best to help alleviate the situation. And just last night, I got a very credible information on how things are going there. It was said the soldiers don't sleep as well as the police, ensuring safety. I assume the doctors and other care givers are also doing the same thing considering the huge number of injured people housed in their makeshift [hospital] care center.

But everybody feels down. It was said that even you are from the outside, you would down when you see what happened. The situation is overwhelming to be born easily.

I know our president is doing everything he could to set everything in order. He has to bear criticism. His statements  may have angered a lot of people, but that should be set aside. He has to be firm to execute his plans even if that would mean people losing confidence in him. This is not the right time to blame him, or anyone.

If you are doing your best to help, you would understand that bigger help is needed. I'm grateful for the nations who are helping us.

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