Daygon/Christmas Carol

One of the things that I really longed for about my hometown is 'daygon' or Christmas carol. Some do it with their families, friends, and even solo. They sing songs or hymns about the birth of Christ which in a way helps people remember the reason for Christmas.

I now live in a small city and 'daygons' don't sound like reminiscing the Saviour's birth anymore. The words of the songs are mostly telling about gifts to receive and food to eat. Before leaving for Bukidnon, I heard some homes driving carolers away, most especially kids, telling them they don't want to hear some songs.

Well, I guess people in the province are really different.

I celebrated this year's Christmas in my hometown. And I hoped to hear one daygon. Years ago, we used to hear about 5 a night. But these days, we seldom do.

My sister told me they were our neighbours. As you can see the night is cold and one member had to wear a blanket.  This family made my night. They sang a song telling the birth of Jesus Christ.
In return, we would give something for their singing. It could be money, food, clothing, whatever we deem is rightful, or whatever we can.

Christmas truly is a time of giving, and showing you care. My experience with this family made me feel warm. They showed they cared about us even with their singing.

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