Anniversaries~Handmade Cards

I and my husband are not fond of /monthsaries/. If you look up that word in the dictionary, it's not even there :) But we do celebrate birthdays, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and of course wedding anniversaries. We do them in modest ways.

Today is our 3rd anniversary and we're having dinner at my in-laws' house. Eating with family is our way of celebrating.

I'm not into bouquets of flowers as I find them extravagant; thrifty me. Flowers wilt when not in water so I rather have them planted in pots...an influence I probably got from working at an online flower shop. See link in image's caption.

So I'm not expecting flowers this year since my husband knows I'm not into those.


To make this day a bit special, I made a card for him. Drawn with watercolor, scanned, filtered a bit, and printed on a photo paper. I hope our children will inherit the tradition of handmade cards. I'm not really good with words. I can't put my emotions through them, but I can definitely do it through crafts.

Last year, I made this:
It was made with cardstock cut out with x-acto knife, added a red paper in between, and wrote his name at the bottom.
I find it exciting to create more wedding anniversary cards with different media.
If you want to make your own card for someone today, check out this creative tutorial using embroidery and cardstock:

Will probably do it for a young friend who just turned 18.

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