FOOD: Bicol

When husband goes to Bicol, I would usually ask him to bring home a jar of Bicol Express (Pork+TONS of Chilies + Shrimp paste + Coconut milk) and Laing, too.

But I found out there's a huge difference between those which are in jars and that which is packed in a food plastic container. The latter tastes more like home cooking so I now ask for it.

I love Bicol Express much that I want to achieve its authentic taste when cooking at home. Husband said I'm almost there :)

Authentic: you can see generous amount of shrimp paste. Coconut milk was cooked too well that all you can see is oil.

Home cooking: me, so glad husband allowed to have lots of chilies ;) He doesn't like to eat anything spicy except Bicol Express. But no shrimp paste for this though.

I added green beans to make it healthier. They say cooking coconut milk too much could cause an upset stomach so I just had it boiled for about 20 minutes.
 Long have I tried experimenting different methods just to get closer to its authentic taste, and this time I finally found what's missing: GINGER.

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