The Game of Powerplants

I recently tried Philippine Stocks Exchange online game and virtually bought shares of AP (Aboitiz Power Corporation) and EDC (Energy Development Corporation). Having my husband in the energy industry, I somehow know the trends of these two.

Note: In my opinion it's better to invest in the energy industry since its trend will not be affected by epidemics (EBOLA). Instead for buying Meralco (MER), which is just the distributor, go for the producer.

EDC recently secured certification of commerciality from Department of Energy to operate the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia. I understand it's current price per share does not move up as fast as AP but it is actually rising. Especially that it just had its independence as a private corporation, used to be under the wings of Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), a government owned and controlled corporation.

EDC's wind farm has more wind mills compared to Bangui but the latter looks more attractive to tourists since they are not scattered----they are aligned.

The giants in Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Someday, I'll take a picture of my self with a bunch of wind mills at my back under a blue sky like this:

wind mills burgos, ilocos norte
Majestic. No filter.

AP on the other hand has long been established as a private corporation and with stable investors. They promote "cleanergy" or renewable energy.

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