Update on Doll Making

I have ventured into needle felting as well. Being a doll maker requires me to learn about other needle works. It's more than sewing. I thought it was easy.

I am now even embracing crocheting as an essential part to finish a cloth doll. I really dread doing it before. But through my doll making I've come to see how enjoyable it is.

I feel like I'm getting a Master's Degree in Needle Works if there is any :D

But you know Motherhood has taught me that finishing a doll, or a beanie, or a headband, and whatever temporal pursuit I have in mind can wait. They should not get in the way of mothering, or else my life will lose its balance. First things first. Children and husband comes first. I want to be happy everyday and that is how things should be.

++It's 6th day of Martial Law in Mindanao so hubby gets home an hour earlier than usual till the law is lifted.

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