About me

 A lot of people know me as Eddy at school + work but friends at church and family call me Queenie.

I've been blogging since 2007 but multiply shutdown and I had to start a new one. I chose blogger because it's run by Google. It may not be as popular as WordPress but I like it.

Those who know me well find me 'candid' and so are the topics that you would read from this blog. I want to write "anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy...".

I got married at 23, the time when most of my friends were establishing their career path. I failed expectations of many people around me. They said I should have built a name first, earned a lot of money, and married years after.

Those are just short-term achievements I believe. They will decrease their value when you get old. Having a family, and raising wonderful children are far more significant than those things. Your influence would even extend generations and generations after.

Yes, I studied hard, and trained my hands well. They are important tools in nurturing my children, assisting others, and building a joyful home. They are significant in working hand in hand with my husband as he provides for the family and in refining ourselves.  

I loved my life when still was single, but I'm loving family life even more!

I'm a wife and a first time mother. I'm a Mormon and I believe these things: Articles of Faith