Baby Items You Should Not Forget

My mom is living far from my city so I had to rely on 'mummy blogs' to know more the basics of baby care. They were really helpful, but no one could evaluate me better, on how I am applying those, but my mother-in-law.

She helped me prepare my baby bag long before I delivered my child. She taught me the basics (though I always forget) and she keeps on reminding me, which was very helpful.

These are some of the things that should be in a baby bag:
things for baby bag

  • Alcohol (70% solution)  - You use this before holding the baby. It's my SOP : )

  • Wet wipes - Helpful when changing diapers, only when there's poop. I've learned from a pediatrician that you should not use this often because it contains chemicals that may cause skin rashes to baby.

  • Microfiber towel (extra) -  When your baby is sweaty, spits out.

  • Disposable diaper (extra) - Bring at least 3-4 pieces if you plan to be away for 3 hours or more. They are better than cloth diapers when going out.

  • Clothing, socks (extra) - You don't know what may happen. She could throw up or spit out, or she could soil what she's wearing.
I also making sure I got these in my bag:
  • Mobile phone - My baby was very sensitive when she was younger. She could wake up with a little movement or a little chatter. I used my mobile phone to ask help from my husband by texting even if he was just meters away from me. This is also VERY helpful when we go out

  • Nursing bib - I can't live without it : ) I can nurse my baby anywhere, anytime with it.

  • Toys - I think babies know what toys are. When they get fuzzy, their attention shifts to the toy when you start playing it.

  • Headgear - Great backup when temperature drops or when it rains.


  1. Where did you get your nursing bib? Eto ba yung paramg apron na may wire para di masuffocate yung baby?

    1. Hi! Freebie yan ng Anmum nung nagpi-phase out sila ng lumang formula. Okay naman ang tela nya kasi breathable at 7 mos na si geo gamit ko parin.

      Wala xang wire. Gusto ko sanang lagyan (DIY) pero mahihirapan ako na ilagay xa sa maliit na bag if ever.


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