Jaro at Night

Today, I want to write about my husband. I just can't help but let you know how much our courtship helped me with my decision to marry him.
After a dinner date with a friend, we decided to take some of the food that we have not eaten. We would just give it to my friends at the dormitory.
While walking towards the jeepney stop, we saw a street vagrant, who in our judgment was not sane.
I would always have the feeling that they might do me some harm. So, I kept myself at a distance though I really wanted to help.
That moment, I was thinking to give our food to him instead. Probably, he skipped supper and would sleep with growling stomach.
To my surprise, Sherwin said that we should give our food to him. He also felt the same way. He was not scared of him; and had really compassion towards the man.
It is not every day that I feel the same way with people like him. I see them walking on the streets, but nothing stirs me inside. But that night, it was different. I’m glad I and Sherwin shared the same feeling.

I always wanted to marry someone who loves others so it wouldn’t be hard for me to extend help to those in need.
I saw his gentleness. You would not think of him being like that; especially with his strong character.

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