Babies nowadays

I went down to prepare my baby's food and left her on our foam bed. We didn't want to get a real bed yet, since we have a plan to move to a new home soon. I left our laptop (open), as I was still working on an article for my part-time job, while my girl was busy playing with her toys.

It is I and my husband's routine to chat each other while he's at work (don't worry he's allowed to do it).

About 3-4 minutes later, I found a chat message sent to my husband from me.

8th month old baby using computer

It was really funny because our 8-month-old baby did it. And she even sent more than one. I guess babies nowadays are really different. I can't imagine how she figured out where ENTER was.

It was pure coincidental I know. And I guess some moms have experienced it, too.


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