When babies are teething

My daughter would have her upper two front teeth seen very soon. She has been fuzzy since yesterday. At first I thought she had an allergic reaction from yogurt after I had her taste a little. I went down to our first floor to wash her clothes, and heard her crying loudly. She had some reddish spots on her eyebrows. I panicked because she sounded in pain.

Good thing my husband called and comforted me. He then reminded that it was usual for our baby to get those reddish spots when she feels hot. He told me to turn on the air conditioner and see if the spots would go away. Minutes later, and after I had her settle down, the spots were gone. And she looked like nothing had happened.

Later, I noticed she felt warmer than usual. She was to get a fever. And I realized she was uncomfortable with her gums that she kept on biting her lower lip.

Today, she was fuzzy and would cry every ten minutes or so. It was hard for me to put her to sleep. She didn't get any since she woke up at 7.15am, until 3.45pm. She's sleeping right now but whenever I make some noise she would cry and would ask me to feed her.

So she could forget the pain, we played almost all day. She loves taking pictures, and we did :-) 

She doesn't have an upset stomach. She's just fuzzy. She refused to use her teether. And it was also challenging to feed her. But I feel good knowing she's just doing fine. I mean it's normal for babies to get fuzzy when they are teething.

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