I can write even UPSIDE-DOWN

When I was in elementary, a college student was featured on TV for writing upside-down. He said he worked hard for that skill because most of his classmates would copy his answers during exams.
He was a smart student, a real target for those who were 'brain-hungry' exam-takers who failed to prepare well, for whatever reasons.
And so he succeeded with his plan shooing off those classmates. He would turn the test paper upside-down and answer it that way.
I just can't remember if he wrote in cursive.
I recalled the story in high school and tried to do it. (But am not that a brainer!! I just wanted to) And in college, kind of mastered it. Was able to use the skill effectively in teaching English to Koreans (one of my part-time jobs)
Teaching English to Koreans. Sitting face-to-face.
Due to some hearing issues, I decided to quit teaching online, but I can't stop my passion for teaching. In summer I and my husband accepted students for English and Mathematics. And now even though summer is over, we still got lessons, special request by parents :)
I still use my skill of writing upside-down, and here's the result:
My kid also want to do it. I let her be since it's also a good brain exercise.

And days ago I decided to make my upside-down handwriting into a real font. Follow this link if you want to download. It's free.

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