Android 4.3 Update

When android 4.3 was introduced together with Google's Nexus 7 2, I felt down because I just barely had my 7 for 2 weeks.
Regret tried to crawl on me, telling me I should have waited...if I only knew. But good thing Nexus 4 and 7's jellybean would be updated, too.

They said updates would happen around the 24th, but it was days after that when it rolled. New features such as privacy settings changes depending on who's using it (more of parental control), making Bluetooth more battery-friendly, and better performance when it comes to graphics.

I haven't checked those yet, but I feel that it really works faster this time. They got my android updated on the 30th.

4.3 Jelly Bean
Android 4.3 ready to be installed
4.3 Nexus
And it's mine!

Nexus interface
At the bottom right, a new Google app was installed together  with the upgrade. It's called 'keep'.

Keep Organizer
It helps me to become more productive. It's the best part of the upgrade!
As for Google keep, I didn't get it from the play store, it automatically popped up after the upgrade.

Conclusion: Android is not that difficult to use, you have a lot of apps to choose from, it's fast, and cheap :)

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