My husband's 27th birthday

 I wasn't able to make some temaki sushi (which he loves and requested the last time). I thought that lay-outing with Photoshop was common. So, I made a stop-motion video instead which took me about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to make with a 12-second output. I just wanted to say "Happy Birthday".
Guess I should have prepared a month before. (sigh)

Picture Movie Stop Motion
Photoshop images for the video. It only shows 59, but I had to repeat some which makes almost a hundred plates.

And of course the videOooooooooooooo (sigh again)


  1. whoah..,damu2 na to gle nga plates? amazing. gusto k man mktuon :3

  2. Huo Nat. Super amateurish pa gid ni. Pwede gid sa bday ni Honeybunch mo. Hihihi


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