Preparation for Flood

Last year, we experienced the highest flood in our area. There was no typhoon, just heavy monsoon rains which lasted for about a week. 3 dams released their water because their limits were reached.

I was 6 months pregnant and that was my first time to experience having only 3 pitchers of water for 3 days, being me and my husband. It was very hard. Pregnant women tend to be thirsty more often. Our supply was flooded, though we had about 15 gallons. That was a big lesson for us. Now we made sure we have a lot of water upstairs.

We didn't run out of food. In fact, we had a lot. But water...
Malabon Flood 2013
That's our neighbor's house. But our apartment has similar design to it. So you can imagine how high the water is.

There are a lot of flooded areas in Luzon right now, and good thing we're not badly affected. We thought the water would rise high. It's 11:05pm and rain has stopped. Water has not reached our first floor yet.

Most of our appliances are now on the second floor. We don't want to spend a lot of money for repairs : ) Last year, some of our books got flooded so we decided to have the rest of them upstairs. Now we have a study room, instead of a changing room.

But because we only have 2 rooms, we had to put our valuables from the first floor in the study.
"The Mirror" we're not vain, but we know it's best to be presentable : )
Some water, condiments, rice, unfolded clean clothes. Our study's floor is covered with heat insulator.
A tall plates and utensils plastic cabinet. On the left-most part you can see a printer topped with some plastic holder.
Please excuse the messy board. Thanks!
Bags, plush toys, and exercise equipment.
No, we're not watching TV anymore. It's really in the study. But yeah, that's a water heater, rice cooker, and etc.

Overall, we're doing good and hopefully prepared enough for the next days.

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