Teaching English Again?

To my surprise, the video uploaded was back when I was still 20, now I'm 25.

Haha. I still feel embarrassed whenever I watch this video.

Yes, I'm teaching again, but this time at home and just any time of the day.

Yes, I still have a hard time hearing, but this time I'll use Plantronics (my dream headset!!!); maybe it could help.

I still feel a little anxious about my teaching skills as I may not be able to cope with the improved system easily.

I worked at e-syaberitai.com when I was in college and it helped me a lot to get through most of my finances.

It was very convenient because I could open classes anytime I wanted. We could have classes from 5AM until 11PM. I had co-tutors who had their day-jobs and teach part-time at night.

I'm happy that I was given an opportunity to work there again, even from home.


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