When calamities happen is your baby ready?

 I and my husband have agreed that I should prepare "real" food for our daughter as much as possible. We know that is what's best for her. No sugar, no bad fats, no artificial flavors..And so I did. I religiously follow the recommended meal plan of DOH and that includes:
  • Powdered Dilis (pampatalino! even Koreans testify)
  • Powdered Mong beans
  • Rice (I use brown rice)
  • Squash
  • Olive oil
I've tried different ingredients as well which would always include vegetables and grains. And also shred some chicken, fish, or beef whenever available. However, when our area was flooded in late August this year, I ran out of squash. My daughter would never  finish her meal without it. It's her favorite. disasters and infants
We bought CERELAC, a baby cereal as part ofour 72-hour emergency kit. There were potatoes but she disliked them as well. I was confident that she would eat that commercial cereal since it's made for babies. But she didn't. It didn't suit her taste. She didn't eat the whole day, but rice, MARIE biscuits, and breast milk.
I thought I was prepared to face calamities; it's the opposite. The needs of my family were not thoroughly evaluated.
But the bright side is I'm glad she didn't like it. It means she prefers "real" food and we won't have a hard time feeding her with different healthy dishes in the future.

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