Amazing Baby Development

*I would update this post every time I would see something new, which I tend to forget. I would also look into my journal entries to write here skills which she had learned when she was younger.

Four days from now my daughter will be turning 11 months old. And I couldn't believe the developments which occurred these past days while my husband is away. (Tomorrow he's finally coming home since Sunday afternoon.)

Each child develops at her own pace. I don't intend to compare one child to another. I see that some children walk early, like I did at 8 months old, but that doesn't mean those who do it late will become a weakling years after.

Let me share with you my daughter's milestones:

10.16.2014 *almost 11 months old
She now knows how to hug me, her desperate gesture when I come near her crib and she wants me to take her out.

10.16.2014 *almost 11 months old
Baby takes off pajamas pants
After done talking with my husband via Skype, I saw her pajamas on the other side of the crib! She was able to remove them. Now I understand how important diaper covers are.

10.17.2013 *almost 11 months old

She and I were listening to Katherine Jenkins's concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, while writing some article assignments. I realized she was standing on her own for about 5 seconds. She looked like she didn't realize that she was already doing it without support, as she busied herself scratching the laptop cover.

8.26.2014 *1 year and 9 months old

toddler sleeping on her own

Finally, she now learned how to sleep on her own. For months, I've been worried about her sleeping routine. In a few months' time, she would have to sleep on her own for 3 days since I would have another C-section for our second child.

My milk has been putting her to sleep ever since she was born. Being away from her (she's not allowed to stay in the hospital) makes me worry a lot. Now I'm relieved.

It was just part of her pretend plays, closing her eyes as if asleep, and getting up each time. But eventually she succeeded. I left her alone in the room for about 10  minutes, and when I came back she was sleeping deeply. Wheew.

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