Chain reaction

It was in September when Mr. Lucas started getting site visit assignments which required him to be away from home for several days. His first destination was Dumaguete City in Negros Island. You might have heard of it because of Silliman University, or because it is where you take ferryboats to go to Mindanao (through Dipolog City), well at least in my case.

Mr. Lucas brought home sweet and delicious Silvanas and Brazo de Mercedes from the famous cake and pastry house Sans Rival. I couldn't eat all of the Brazo de Mercedes or else I would get diabetes (psychological diabetes). He brought me a large box of  brazos.

He came up with the idea to give some to our neighbors. That was a great opportunity since we didn't know them that much. At first I was hesitant because I was shy. I was afraid they would think I was just pretending to be nice. But I told myself that it was a leap of faith. I knew it was the right thing to do and my pride to be misjudged shouldn't get in the way.

Exchanges of hi's and hello's aren't enough if you want to make real friendships.

It was Sunday morning and we were in a hurry so we wouldn't get late for church service. I came knocking on their doors with some slices of Brazo de Mercedes.

They were very surprised to receive something from me, especially because they don't see us that much; only when buying groceries or going to church. I survived that morning. I felt good; certain that they didn't see the gesture as pretending.

After two to three weeks, one of them gave me pieces of dried fish and guava from Banate, Iloilo. It was a delight! I knew those dried fish were clean, since they were from the province, near fishing areas. That was also the time I learned that the family came from Iloilo. The bond was established since I also lived in Iloilo for a few years.
Banate Iloilo Uga Tuyo Bulad Dried Fish

And this afternoon, another surprise knocked on my door. The other neighbour gave me a plate of spaghetti and a slice of sandwich; from her sister's birthday. It was really delicious, topped with some dried pepper leaves. And of course, I knew the offer was sincere.

I couldn't believe such act suggested by my husband would have a chain effect among us. If I turned back and became a coward, I wouldn't have enjoyed good morning talks with them. The ice was broken and we have to keep each other warm.

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