My daughter woke up early today (before 8am) so we strolled a bit. I met my neighbor who is 8 months old pregnant with twin boys. When the three of us got back near our apartments, I saw some scribbling on their wall. It said "E-5 Ybanez" and some caricature under.

The scribbles were still visible even after being painted white to erase them. My neighbor said it was done by her eldest child who is 12. My heart was pricked.

(I posted our house number with surname under it near our door last week. It was made of some old fabric and magazine cutouts. I had to do it because mails and billing statements don't get straight to us. PLDT's courier claimed that our house couldn't be located easily. This alibi resulted to a disconnection notice of our phone and internet.)

That boy wanted to have the same thing on their house so he scribbled, hoping that it would look great. I bet those young hands need more experience, yet the desire is there so he still did it. I  wonder how much scolding he got before finally erasing the scribbles.

I realized that every little thing that you do can influence someone in any way. It was just my luck to learn such powerful lesson from him, and that the example I made wasn't bad.

I have to be careful with my choices and actions because little ones are watching. They may not be family but each example that they see from you would have some effect. It has to be good always.

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