On Provident Living- Urban Farming

Before we moved to this new home, I would dream of planting onion leeks, garlic chives, tomatoes, ginger, chayote or cho-cho, eggplant, okra, string bean, and the list goes on...but I didn't have enough soil even for a small plant pot. And even if I bought soil from the local garden depot my area wasn't secure. Rodents would go and bit my plants to pieces. That is the biggest problem when you are living away from the rural.

I was so excited to harvest fresh produce, they taste far better than what you buy from groceries. Here in our new home, one of the first projects that I had was a planter box, a small sack of soil, and 3 packets of seeds. That was in May.

Come June my little green friends were growing...

Garlic...and garlic chives, onion leaks, bush sitao...

then came the rodents. (a big sigh)
I attempted to plant again, but was convinced that my planter box wasn't protected enough. I had to build a fence around it, or even make a larger box made of thick plastic net. But I have to wait until the rainy season is over (We don't have snow so I can plant again sometime in mid August).

These days I'm thinking about JAMS and other ways of preserving food. My planter box and food preservation are in truth not just about eating healthy food, but being thrifty, and preparing for future needs (calamities, rise in grocery prices), at the same time increasing my skills as a homemaker. I want my children to grow in a home where they learn how to make things without spending much.

I miss my childhood. My mom was awesome!! She made our clothes, she made our lunch, she made our toys, our curtains. We had a big garden and planted tomatoes, string bean, chayote or cho-cho, eggplant, okra, sweet potato, guava, banana, roses; raised chicken, harvested egg.

I want to live providently.

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