Random relationship thoughts #1

And finally, another reason, which can either take your relationship to the next level or end it, is time. Nope, this does not always mean that either you are putting more or less time with each other, but its reckoning. You see, these days we are all bombarded with pressure at work, economic fluctuation, most significantly, too much social media, and other events which don’t matter most.
You may feel like you have spent a lot of time commenting on your partner’s blog or posts and think it’s enough to let him or her feel loved. Well, it may appear popular among both of your circles, they might think you are a romantic or cool person for him or her; and that your relationship is strong, but that’s just superficial; even you are tempted or feel obliged to craft an appealing statement before posting it. 
Be careful, you might be building just a superficial, virtual love. It will not last long. Or if it will, it’s not as sensible as it can be.

On the contrary, not because your partner does not seem to care about the eloquent post you did on social media last night, mean that you are not loved, supported, or cared about.

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