Random relationship post #2

Pride and nothing but pride is the very most culprit of every broken relationship, marriage or person. It comes in many forms that can go unnoticed. When you are spending much money on luxury and other unimportant things, it is your pride of not wearing modest clothes, or proving that you can afford to visit popular tourist destinations. When you do not accept apologies or excuses for small mistakes or even with out-of-hand situations  that your partner sometimes does, it is your pride that you should be the most important person in his or her life, even more important that his or herself. When you don’t want to stop yourself from answering back and winning a point in every argument, it is your pride that you are always right, you can never go wrong, and your partner is someone who isn't in a right mindset. 
Many things, and in many ways, pride is slowly pushing you and your lover farther. And the sad part is, both of you might be victims of it without you knowing.
A ‘happily-ever-after’ does not automatically happens when someone gets or gives a “true love’s kiss”. Being in a relationship means both of you will experience good and bad times that would refine your feelings for each other; even contribute in improving your character, strengths, and overcoming weaknesses.
You do not live in Neverland, where flying takes no effort, and time does not add anything to your age. You are not in a fairy tale with a perfect, beautiful, and real princess; or a handsome, brave prince with a castle. But you can do something, even a lot of things, to make your relationship work. You can make a choice. You always can.
Overcoming the call of pride is indeed a hard thing to do because once you feed it, it satisfies you instantly. It makes you feel that you are strong, that you are right, that you are important; very far from the slow but sure comfort of humility. Pride does not even have to stay on the side of strength. It can also work for you to make you feel even down. It gives you the imaginary image that you are worthless and helpless, that your partner won’t listen and forgive you. Thus, when you give in to pride, your relationship would surely end soon. So quit pride-ing. Friday #

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