Because of Star Wars Episode 7 Speculations...

We watched Star Wars Episode 1 today just because Mr. Lucas wanted to watch it again. Comparing to other episodes I think it was the one which felt like dragging the whole story. I mean, they should have made it shorter..but 2 hours?

However, I enjoyed seeing Natalie Portman with her 'then' chubby cheeks. I was also interested to watch it again just to compare her looks with Keira Knightley (decoy)..I was fooled the first time by Padme.
Queen Amidala and Padme

And of course, Liam Neeson looked really young as well as Samuel Jackson and Ewan McGregor.

Done with all the episodes and I'm looking forward to see Harrison Ford again in the 7th. His appearance in The Expendables 3, which was by the way so surprising, was probably part of the 7th's promotion.

I shall sleep now. Good night. 

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