Provident Living II- Urban Farming

I'm glad to see no signs of rodents in our area anymore. (Read my previous entry here) Stray cats are everywhere which kind of gives me security of planting my dear little green friends again. 

Meet Bush Sitao (Green bean).
I may have planted them too close to each other but I guess they will find their way. I can fill the planter box with more soil once they're more grown.

Meet Ginger. I bought 2 pieces of ginger about a month ago and planted one of them. I should be doing more readings on how to literally grow them.

They're living as a community in my 1-meter planter box.

I've seen my garlic chives sprouting but they're still too tiny. Will take a picture of them when they become taller. As for my onion leaks, I harvested some for 2 weeks (yummy) and they suddenly died. But that doesn't stop me from planting new friends again.

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