So this is for my second pregnancy...

With my first pregnancy I told my husband that I should do things that would stress my brains out...I told him the more difficult the activities the better. I have read somewhere that 'positive' stress helps the brain development of the unborn offspring. So aside from my house work (laundry, cooking, groceries, etc.) I had 2 jobs side by side -writing articles and teaching English to Japanese, both online. 

This time, I only have my house work and online writing (I work for a Virtual Assistant, which makes my job not just limited to writing) since I can't accommodate the teaching anymore (especially with my super active toddler in the background always).

I thought I would busy myself making a lot of dolls, but I couldn't. I don't know...You know dolls need to be loved so they come out beautiful.
Cloth dolls philippines manila

But these days I'm more focused on helping my daughter in her transition of becoming the elder sister. Dolls can wait.

I just couldn't believe that construction management would come my way. Right now, I'm involved in construction management, the third time. First was our firewall, second was a renovation project of 2 rooms for rent, and third, renovation of a studio type apartment. (This is for family by the way)


You know, it might sound easy to manage people, but no it's not. You're always in between the interest of the workers and the interest of the owners. I have learned that I have to be an independent party, merely a channel who can decide.

But when you're pregnant,

hormones try to take charge and you have to fight for yourself.

This could be good for me and for #2. I just hope I made good judgment/s today. I'm still on my 5th month, 4 months to go and what could possibly happen?


What do you think?