Saturday is a special day

Saturday means fun! It means husband does the cooking (special). Then we do little laundry, and go for an afternoon walk. Yes, it's fun. It's more fun when we're together.

On Saturday:

I always do the laundry outside, where my daughter is restricted, but not this time.
child playing bubbles

While daughter was playing with bubbles, husband was cooking. I pleaded to have squid even though I'm quite allergic to it. We bought some early morning (1/4 kilo = P40). And it tasted really good!
squid price

Playing with bubbles is a good sensory play for toddlers. She was engrossed with it. Not only that, a good imaginative play for her. She might have thought she was really washing her clothes :)

And she knew just how to use the laundry brush. Good for her, it took me almost 20 years before actually using one.
role-play laundry

I can't wait for our family fun this Saturday, which extends until Monday. It's Eidul Adha, a holiday for us.

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