Scrambled Egg with Tomatoes: Chinese

When I went out of cheese for my daughter's meal, she refused the scrambled egg+tomatoes that I prepared. I don't use salt for her food because she's too young for that so I use cheese instead. She's okay with scrambled egg minus the cheese, but mixing it with tomatoes is too much for her; most probably because of the sour taste.

Gladly I was able to find a Chinese recipe for scrambled eggs with tomatoes, though I missed some instructions, still it worked well for her. 

1. tomatoes
cherry tomatoes

2. beaten egg. *DON'T ADD SALT*
scrambled eggs

3. let the beaten egg set first. 
you need approximately 2 tbsp of oil, 
a little bit more than the usual.
it's for tomatoes to cook well. 
but don't worry this won't turn out oily.
friend egg

4. add tomatoes on the side. and a pinch of salt
scrambled egg and tomatoes

5. let tomatoes cook under low heat. juice them out. 
the juice should dissolve the salt.

6. once tomatoes are soft, gently mix it with the egg 
and turn off heat.
scrambled egg with tomatoes chinese

This recipe brings back childhood memories. This is how my mother's cooking tasted like. 
No MSG!! 
I was surprised to totally loving how it turned out even with no onion, garlic, and black pepper powder. I'm a huge SPICE lover, you know..

Ratio for this by the way is 1 egg to 2 tomatoes

You could enjoy the natural taste of egg and tomatoes because the salt was dissolved and evenly mixed. Plus it's cheaper since you don't throw in spices. I can't wait for my tomatoes to grow fast!!

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