Old People

If you really want to change your environment, you have to change yourself. As they say, the irony of life is when you see too much unhappiness around you, even when doing things are becoming fast and easy. I saw one video clip of why people are still unhappy when they have more time to indulge themselves in things they want to do compared to people before the industrial revolution. They say man is insatiable. I say that man doesn't understand his purpose.
I see people at church who are old and still struggling to make ends meet, but their eyes are happier than those who are browsing the web through their smartphones and posting "happy" pictures on Instagram. Those humble people treat others cheerfully. They are kind. They are pure. They are like trees which are old but have spread their branches wide, embracing the sunset. They don't even understand much English, but they still listen intently to those who are talking.

Those old people have peace. They understand their purpose. They are happy with what they have. They have little. But they are still willing to extend whatever service they think they can give. They don't come late to church even when they have to walk down the hills and take a 20 to 30-minute ride.

They are my example. I love being with them. They make this place a better one.

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