Handmade Dollmaking


I hope you can still remember my first handmade doll Laura. I made her in February 2014. I've been contemplating on selling handmade dolls since 2012, but my mom duties as a new mom had to be prioritized. And now with my 2nd child, I find myself handling everything easier. Even with the two of them. I do my housework and take care of my children by myself, so the only time I spend on doll making is when the baby is on his 2 naps. My daughter watches me when sewing and I sometimes find her pretending to sew on my sewing machine (don't worry it's a treadle)

handmade doll gingermelon

It was my goal to open my online shop when my 2nd child turns 6 months old. And I hit it! The doll doesn't look appealing to moms who are advocates of Waldorf education though. I am often asked if I can make some alterations to the doll's face to accomodate their preference. I'm very new to the handmade industry in the Philippines and I don't have a big network, so I'm super newbie. Good luck to me. Find littlemeridolls on instagram and facebook ;))

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